When it comes to healthy town initiatives, people’s attention is increasingly turning to NHS. In March an international design competition was launched by the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and the NHS to find the best creative and inspiring ideas to help shape the landscape of what will be the first new Garden City of the 21st Century, and the largest of 10 Healthy New Towns being developed in the UK.

We | Frus.Studio have decided to give it a go and get our creative juices flowing! Here is our vision:

Life, what do we need to sustain one? What are we doing to support it? Imagine an island, a contained support system for life to thrive upon. A refuge where biodiversity enables all living forms to coexist and collaborate, even if only for their own gain to benefit all. Can we recreate similar place in our densely populated urban environment? Is it achievable to make it a self-sustainable ecosystem and a healthy living environment?                                                                                 

The Sombrilla is a concept with that in mind. A self-sustainable, innovative and contained, pop up ecosystem. It creates a refuge for urban wildlife, enriches the micro climate, benefits the passing by and teaches the curious. It enriches communities by providing gathering points with culture in mind. This artistic umbrella-like feature has a lot to offer, its opportunities are endless.

Bird’s-eye view